Thursday, August 29, 2013

Making Room for Him: An Angel Message


The Angel of Exploration was my random angel card.

The Course in Miracles card below made a good companion.  Expanding consciousness.

The Holy Spirit will, of Himself, fill every mind that
so makes room for Him.  
                                A Course in Miracles

Lately, I've been feeling like a bottle of champagne ready to explode, only the tight wire mesh is fastened too tight.  It must be loosened to pop the cork.  Today, thanks to the Angel of Exploration,  I'm open to discovering an expansion of my being, transcending the tight physical body to make space for the Holy Spirit to abide.  I want my joy back. Holy Spirit is the call to joy.

The flowers are in bloom; red roses, yellow daisies, deep pink hibiscus. God's grace in the now is sustaining every blade of grass.  All life.  It is holy ground when I accept into my own consciousness that God's grace is in this moment, active right here, right now.  And that God's grace in the eternal now is everywhere, flowing into all human consciousness as divine inspiration, love, abundance, good health, every good thing.  For God is everywhere and there is no room for anything but Goodness, Divine Love.

I must learn to see with God's eyes and not be deceived by appearances.  My physical senses deceive me with their false perceptions, but God's gift of vision is available in every instant.  If I can only remember to be still and listen, giving God the glory as I open up to receive and let it flow.

That's the work--translating earth to heaven--dissolving the ego mind with the help of the indwelling Christ.

Let today be the beginning of a new journey--exploring God's Love in all things--seeking and finding--knocking and opening. With absolute certainty that God is, we cannot fail to know the Truth.

Thank you, Holy Spirit.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and blessings,

Rae Karen

 (Fractals Artwork - Wikimedia Images - Alexa Szlavics)