Friday, September 20, 2013

Eureka, A Lizard!

Getting ready to plant some flowers, I put my hand in an old garden glove, one I hadn't used in a long time. To my surprise it had an occupant!  Something was blocking my finger from reaching the tip.  A thought came.  A lizard!  Quickly I  looked inside.  A little lizard was curled up inside one "finger." 

I was glad I hadn't crushed him.  I apologized and left the glove on the ground, giving him time to escape.  Later when I checked, he was still curled up inside but had moved closer to the opening.   I put the garden glove on the plant stand, leaving him alone to come out at his own discretion. 

Since living in Florida, I'm no longer afraid of these little creatures and surprisingly have found them to be cute and animated with their ruby puffy throats.  In Animal-Speak, lizard is symbolic of detachment.  If a predator grabs its tail, the tail breaks off so the lizard can scamper to freedom.  The lizard then begins the process of growing another. Lizards can teach us to become more detached in life to survive.  Sometimes it is necessary to separate ourselves or part of ourselves from others to be able to do the things we must do.  Lizard can show up to help us break from the past.  It may even indicate to explore new realms and follow your intuition before you get swallowed up in something that is not beneficial for you.

I'm learning more about the Oneness of all Life and the spiritual messages that come in many guises.  I found this cute lizard at a yard sale and have it posted by the back door.  The more faith and trust I can put in Spirit rather than material, in life rather than death, in truth rather than error, the more freedom I, too, will experience.  It's certainly worth the vigilance.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and blessings,