Wednesday, September 11, 2013

In Remembrance of Loved Ones on 9/11

(Photo from Wikimedia Commons:Courtyard illuminates the night sky to commemorate each life lost at the Pentagon on the five year anniversary of 9/ll)

There is a light in you which cannot die;
whose presence is so holy that the world
is sanctified because of you.
All things that live bring gifts to you,
and offer them in gratitude and
gladness at your feet.
The scent of flowers is their gift to you.
The waves bow down before you, and the
trees extend their arms to shield you from the heat,
and lay their leaves before you on the ground
that you may walk in softness, while the
wind sinks to a whisper round your holy head.
The light in you is what the universe longs to behold.
All living things are still before you,
for they recognize Who walks with you.
The light you carry is their own.
And thus they see in you their Holiness...
A Course in Miracles