Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Problem Solving Tips from the Angels

                               (Photo from Wikimedia Commons)

In God I will praise his word, in God I have put my trust; 
I will not fear what flesh can do unto me.  
Psalm 56

When faced with a problem, be quiet and listen, stay in the now.  Remember these points.  An answer in the material will come.

1.  God's Love is unconditional.

2.  It applies to everything, being universal, equally available to all.

3.  Nothing can hold you back from your Source (e.g., bad economy, political parties, weather conditions, etc.) except your consciousness.

4.  The attributes of God are eternal, love, harmony, light, truth, spirit, life, etc.  They are available 24/7, eternally.

5.  Focus on these truths and pray for a physical answer.  Expect one.  Listen and obey...asking, "May the mind in Christ Jesus be in me."  Be sure to follow-through.

I came across a scrap of paper with these notes on it yesterday.  I had jotted them down during a lecture several years ago.  It seemed like a timely message to share now.

Enjoy your day with the Angels, and remember you are never alone, God has given his angels charge over you to guide you in all of your ways.  (Psalm 91)

Love and blessings,