Sunday, November 28, 2021

Peacocks - Show Your Best Side: An Angel Message

This afternoon the angels delivered a happy message on showing your best side.  A drive to visit the peacocks energized the gray day. The family was last sighted several weeks ago, and knowing "watchfulness" is the meaning of these exquisite birds, I kept an eye out, hoping to see one.  I almost missed Papa. His drab back-side faced our way as we drove by.  But then a closer look revealed, he was catching his own beautiful reflection in the glass door or entertaining a resident seated in the rehab lobby. 

Slowing the car down, we gave him a whistle.  That did it.  He pivoted around to reveal his glorious best side.

In all his splendor, he stood on the porch, shimmying in a happy dance of life.

Peacocks are not only beautiful, but amazing energizers. Their long train of tail feathers suddenly pops open like the rush of a royal umbrella in a shower of dynamic creativity. The peacock brings a joyful message to be watchful for simple miracles in the abundant world teeming around you. Thanks to the peacock, I'm reminded to show my best side, and watch for positive results.  

 Love and peace,


Rae Karen