Wednesday, November 10, 2021

New Vision at Blue Springs: Angel Message

With a cold front in Florida, and the promise of a sunlit day, angelic inspiration struck and we were off on an early morning visit to see the big beautiful manatees. When the temperature drops in the St. John's River, the pod swims into the warm blue springs to rest and relax. It's not unusual to find hundreds of these gentle creatures marinating in the natural heated aqua waters. 

It was just the remedy I needed, a change of pace.  The cool air.  The gentle giants.  The calming lull of rippled waters created a living picture of ancient beauty and grace as I watched the palm trees dance in the moving springs. In the cool fresh air, I stared out at the shimmering palette of rich blue and green colors at play and was reminded of the Master artist.  It was a special memory in the making.   As sunlight splashed on the peaceful springs, the large gray form of a manatee would take shape! Sometimes large gray nostrils peeked up out of the depths to take a breath and submerge again.

I learned that these gentle watery mammals see well. A special membrane helps to clean their eyes.  Manatees are a reminder for us to do likewise.  To step back and clear our own vision from time to time.  Are we looking at things too closely? Or not closely enough?  Do you trust your own feelings? Is it time to seek gentler and warmer environments within your own life?  Trust your heart.  Examine your trust in others and follow your own sense of what's right.

As the sun rose higher, the manatees were easier to find.  Here's a mama and her baby.

A fallen tree made a natural bridge for catching some rays.  Room for one more?  A lone turtle gazing up at the sun was soon joined by a mate. Turtles are a  symbol of Mother Earth and it lives in the Mother's harmony.  The shell suggests a hemisphere, and the structure upon the shell, a mountain.  Its movements are slow and calm. When you encounter a turtle, it is time for a turnaround in your life.  It could be a sign to loosen your protective shell and come out of hiding.  


Another special messenger was drying out, spreading her black and white wings in the sun. The cormorant is an ancient bird named in the Bible. An aquatic bird, it speaks to the world of watery emotions.  Is there a prayer deep within that you are repressing?  If a cormorant is seen drying its feathers it is an invitation to open yourself up to yourself, look into your deepest being that place where the divine enters.  Pray for answers, guidance, courage, and strength.

It was a joyful spontaneous outing and a wonderful blessing to connect with the angels in nature.  May your day be filled with peace, and expect the happy things of God to come to you.  The best is yet to be.

"For he has given his angels charge over you..."   (Psalm 91)

Love and happiness,


Rae Karen