Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Angel Message: Jesus Forgives, Love God

                                  Skywriting in Orlando captured by cellphone camera

Sometimes Angel messages come in the most amazing ways, while at other times they are a little more obscure and are most easily discerned by those who have eyes to see.  A few days ago, I received this photo by email.  Someone dear to me, while staying at a hotel in Orlando, was prompted by the angels to lean over the balcony and look up.  When he did, a plane was writing a message in the blue sky overhead.  "Jesus forgives. Love God."  This seemed like an answer to a prayer since his ego had been attacking him, making him feel guilty.

God loves always, and if we keep our focus on loving God, amazing things happen; we find ourselves more content and peaceful in the now, enjoying our lives moment to moment, fully present.

Enjoy your day with the Angels. "God never changed His Mind about you."


Rae Karen