Thursday, August 21, 2014

My Missing Kindle and The Angel of Forgiveness

Last week I was put to the test.  To my shock, my email inbox was overflowing with Kindle book orders not from me.  Dozens of receipts for unsavory books not to my liking. Upset, I called Amazon. to find out what happened.  How could someone download books onto my Kindle?   

Then, I remembered when I last used the reader. Mom was in hospice and I had read Alice in Wonderland to her before she passed on that week. Maybe the Kindle fell out of my handbag. 

I'll admit I was angry at first. To lose my mother and my Kindle at the same time seemed unfair. Books I was writing were on that Kindle to be edited.  I shed a few tears, feeling like a victim, whoever took it was less than a holy Child of God.  But, that negative thinking only made me feel worse.  

Then, I remembered an angel card tucked inside the flap of my Kindle.  A laminated picture of the Angel of Forgiveness a friend had given me back in 1994 when I moved to Georgia to begin my full spiritual adventure.  Having let go of the familiar-- home, house, family, friends, career, Virginia--the Angel of Forgiveness came in handy as I began a new chapter in my life. At times forgiving myself as I wondered if I'd chosen wisely.  The Angel of Forgiveness card had been in my wallet all those years until I decided to tuck it in the purple Kindle flap.  

With the missing Kindle, forgiveness was needed more than ever. The Angel of Forgiveness was doing her work.   I decided to send the person with my kindle uplifting thoughts, asking their guardian angel to use this negative experience as a source for good.  I began to think loving thoughts towards them. 

A funny thing happened.  I felt much better as I let go of resentment, and a victim mentality. 

Several years ago, when I first tucked the Angel of Forgiveness inside my Kindle flap, I had no idea it would inspire me to forgive myself for the missing Kindle. Forgiveness is a gift for giving to self.  

Enjoy your day with the Angels.  

Love and blessings,

Rae Karen 

P.S. The good news, although I lost my Kindle reader, my library collection was restored on my laptop.  Several days later, I was gifted with a Kindle just like mine (Talk to Text).  God is good.