Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Canadian Geese - An Angel Message

I know the angels were at work when I found this artwork for Mom's new apartment in Florida. She loved to watch the Canadian geese on the lake from her 4th floor retirement apartment in Virginia. With binoculars, she could see the flock from her recliner and learned about their habits over the 17 years she lived at Ft Belvoir.

Looking at this painting brought back a humorous memory on our last day at her retirement community in Virginia.  I woke up before dawn and heard the geese fly over the guest quarters honking loud in what seemed to be a farewell song. I could heat them splash into the lake, honking  the CLAC CLAC CLOISTERS.

Could they really be saying the name of her new retirement community in Florida?  I listened closely CLA CLA CLOISTERS.  I had to smile. We were heading for the airport to fly to Florida that morning. It was a fond farewell.   The touch of humor was memorable as we had gone through an unexpected obstacle in getting her connected with the right moving company and had delayed our trip by a day. 

I've always loved Canadian geese, maybe like my mother I grew fond of watching them on the lake all those years we came to visit.  Geese fly in a V-formation as shown by the artist here.  The "V" looks like an arrow in the sky, pointing to new opportunities on the horizon.  Move forward and stay in formation for the greatest good of all is their message.   

Oh, I almost forgot, geese also remind us to heed the call of the quest.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.


Rae Karen