Friday, October 17, 2014

An Angel Message: Expect A Miracle

A friend is moving on and asked if I'd like to give  her plants a new home.  Yesterday when stopping by  I loaded up with purple orchids, golden bougainvillea, rose cactus, irises, and jasmine.  The plants were wonderful, but there was another little gift that touched my heart.  At a craft show last weekend, the artist said, I usually give these to children, but I have a feeling you know someone and she handed Susan a little blue book made out of construction paper.  Reading the handwritten title, My Angel Book, she thought of me

When I opened it up, these two angels were inside, with a special handwritten note on lined paper:

Write your wishes, wants, and dreams
on a piece of paper, tuck it in your
book.  Whisper your secrets to your
angels. They will not tell.

     With love,


What a wonderful gift for boys and girls.  The Master teaches that unless we become as little children, we cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.

Enjoy your day with the Angels. And, expect a miracle, like the little bunny card shown above, that was created by the same artist.

Love and blessings,