Friday, October 31, 2014

Ladybug Messengers: An Angel Message

How often do we look at things without really seeing them?  Then, a sudden shift in perception brings everything into focus, and we have clarity-- understanding the circumstances that led up to creating this exceptional moment.  

In August, when my mother passed on, I inherited most of her angel collection. The June Angel, shown here, had been a birthday gift from a friend or relative.   Now, she watches on the kitchen windowsill. 

Yesterday, I read an inspirational book on abiding in the Presence by inviting Christ to join us as we go about our daily activities.  

This morning, I remembered to ask Him to be with me as I cleaned up the breakfast dishes.

While scrubbing the oatmeal bowls, my attention was drawn to the base of the June Angel statue.  I noticed the little red ladybug for the first time. 

Ladybugs! I grinned. 

They had mysteriously appeared on the window of our hotel room in abundance last weekend. (see previous blog).  The view of colorful fall foliage had tearfully reminded me of my mother and the autumn weekends we'd shared in Virginia with her over the years.  I was missing her.  More and more ladybugs were somehow coming through the sealed shut hotel window.  Elliot and I got busy escorting them downstairs and back out in the fresh air. 

So the sudden sight of this little ladybug on Mom's birth Angel brought me joy.  Perhaps Mom, now an angel, was the heavenly inspiration behind all little ladybugs parading on our hotel window. 

What comfort to know our loved ones never leave us. Powerful love binds us together.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and blessings,