Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Angel Scrolls: A Message from the Angels

Norman Rockwell's paintings have always been a favorite. This vintage candy box I picked up at a flea market seemed like a perfect tin to store my homemade angel scroll kit.  As you can see even a king can use a little heavenly help.  

Although we may not offer chocolates to everyone, we can be just as sweet in other ways.  That's why I get so much joy out of making and sharing these little gifts as I go about my day.  Listening to the angels, I'm guided as to who may need one.

There is always an element of surprise that a stranger cares, and also curiosity as to what angel will be inside the scroll.  Whether it is Courage, Joy, Abundance, Faith, Love, Light or any of the other celestial virtues, it always appears to be "right on" in that moment.

So today, I'm opening up a scroll for you, a gift from the Angels.  

The Angel of Music encourages us to take time out and listen creatively to good music.  Be relaxed and receptive without feeling a need to be entertained.    Music is healing for the soul, and a powerful way to hear guidance. Without really trying to figure anything out, just be in the flow of the soft instrumental harmony as you close your eyes and drift...

Enjoy your day with the Angels,

Love and blessings,

Rae Karen