Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Messages from Nature

Happy Easter!

Before I could open my eyes this morning, a sweet little bird whistled a merry tune as he flew by the 9th floor baloney at the hotel where we stayed at Daytona Beach.  His cheerful song reminded me that Christ Has Risen! Sleepily, I thanked the little warbler as I hurried to the window in hopes of seeing the sunrise.  It was still I crawled back to bed.

Later, I had such hopes of capturing an Easter sunrise to share with you.  A thick cloud cover shrouded the horizon, but it couldn't fool me.  I knew the sun was still shining despite appearances.   The sun is always shining...something we often take for granted.  Another Easter "gift" was waiting on the outside of  the car door as we were leaving for home. The little winged one had hunkered down in the gusting winds waiting for calmer weather.. Seeing it there brought a smile. A bee is symbolic of doing the impossible (Their bodies aren't aerodynamically designed for flight but they do!) An angel message that brought to mind what Christ did on that triumphant Easter morn thousands of years ago!  He has risen, indeed!

Enjoy your Easter blessings!


Rae Karen