Saturday, April 18, 2015

Seagull: An Angel Message

Traveling down the road of life, angel messages often take the ordinary stuff and make it extraordinary.  Nothing in the physical has actually changed, yet everything has by a shift in one's perception.

This photo was taken while living near the Bay at Virginia Beach.  I was attracted to the reflection of the seagulls posted on the fence.  When uploaded, these words on the side mirror caught my attention in a new light.


In Animal-Speak, I learned that seagulls are associated with both land and water as well as air.  It combines the gifts of both swimming and flying and can teach lessons on how to navigate in other dimensions. Shorelines are areas of great mystery between land and water and are often associated with fairy contact. When a gull appears, it can help teach one how to open communication with the Faerie Realm of life, especially water sprites.  Seagulls also indicate lessons or abilities on the proper behavior, courtesy and communication in our associations.

At resort areas, tourists tend to view seagulls as pests, but in their communities their behavior is quite different.  They do keep the shoreline clean and can reflect to work on cleaning up the shore areas of our own life.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and blessings

Rae Karen