Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Five Peacocks "On the Fence": An Angel Message

In addition to checking email each day, it's fun to watch for angel messages in nature and see
how they correlate with what's going on in your life.  A recurring theme for me has been "on the fence".   Saturday afternoon, while hoping to catch a glimpse of the peacocks, we parked under a tree in the rehab lot.  Soon Papa Peacock came by dragging his tail and hopped up on the fence, just sitting.  His beautiful plumage hung down like a long pony tail, but he stayed put.  I thanked him for the message.  I'd been "on the fence" about an issue and had just taken action.

Then yesterday evening out for a drive, Elliot surprised me by visiting the peacocks.  Intuitively, I knew where they would be. Not in the usual spot, but around the bend.   Sure enough--a family of five were together on the fence as if waiting for us to come by!  And, me without a camera--but I got the message. Make a decision. Don't stay on the fence.

Peacocks are all about watchfulness. So the angels recommend keeping an eye out for areas in which you are on the fence, and take an action.  Sometimes in our efforts to please everyone--we hold back. A Course in Miracles teaches we can choose to be either host to the Holy Spirit or hostage to the ego.  When we make a decision with the help of the angels, we know it's correct because we have peace.

 Enjoy your nature messages from the Angels.

Love and blessings,

Rae Karen

P.S. You can find the symbolism of many birds and animals on the web.