Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Angels: What are you creating?

What a surprise to see beautiful pink lilies in bloom for my birthday last weekend. Lilies are angelic messengers of wonderful new beginnings, and a birthday represents just that.  Many gifted artists throughout history have painted  The Annunciation  showing Archangel Gabriel offering Mary a white lily in honor of her upcoming mission as Mother to the Christ.

Today the angels are here to help accelerate our spiritual growth. They remind us that great works of art, music, creativity, and invention are not limited to an elite group of masters.  The angels want to tell you that your life is a masterpiece. That's hard for some of us to believe, I know. But just  as a seed holds the potential for a beautiful flower,  an unseen "spiritual kernel" within each of us is ready to crack out of its hard hull and wiggle up into the light to bloom. It just needs our willingness.

That's why it's important to make choices that benefit our intentions.  During this time of rapid technology,  thousands of images a day via Internet, television, and print media bombard us. If you live in a city you  may observe around 22,000 advertising impressions a day.  Reading email brings up a sidebar of "personally selected" buys to meet your every need.  So if you would choose to live your life, you must draw from the inspiration within yourself, not borrowed from the media and other external stimuli.

If only you would stop to realize that in each moment you are creating with your every thought and every word. Whenever you think, speak, or act, you are painting the portrait of your life--so choose wisely.  Most of us create by default without any real thought as to the results. The Angels remind us to pay attention to what gives you the greatest joy in sharing and act from it.  Hold a clear picture in your mind of what brings you ***life*** and, then stay focused on the goal...and watch what happens...

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen