Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Autumn Equinox - Welcome Archangel Michael

                                                     (photo from Wikimedia Commons)

What a wonderful way to begin the Autumn Equinox this morning as I heard the President comment on the beautiful day the Lord has made. In the  sunlight Pope Francis and President Obama stood side by side in a sacred moment of silence.  I could feel a holy hush over the crowd of 15,000 gathered on the White House lawn.    Pope Francis brings the soulful message for us each to become more loving people.   His joyful smiling face radiates a tenderness and love for all people.  The Pope spoke about change, and so change is happening in the celestial realm as well today.

Archangel Michael. the governor of  Autumn, takes the reins from Archangel Uriel who guided us through a fiery purification this summer.  Now is the time of harvest, a time to shed the old to prepare for the new.   It is also a time to plant seeds for next year's harvest.

Archangel Michael is the warrior who helps  us to triumph over our own negativity.  Michael's name translates from the Hebrew as "Look Like God".  Historically he is the protector of both Israel and the Catholic Church.  Also known as the patron saint of police officers, soldiers,  and small children, he watches over pilgrims and strangers.  Archangel Michael also comes to assist each seeker on the spiritual path and is known as Lord of the Way while Christ is known as the Way.  Call on him whenever you are feeling fearful about your life.  He will guide you to fulfill your destiny.

Under Michael's rule, it is a testing time for the soul.  For some, it may be a willingness to give up that which is most cherished or sacred.  The good news is that when we pass our tests, a spiritual compensation awaits us.  And, also during these trials, there is always extra spiritual guidance available.  It is an excellent time to connect through nature.  

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen