Wednesday, November 1, 2023

An Ibis Feast of Light: An Angel Message

 Happy All Saints' Day! With a bag of thawed Ezekiel bread from our freezer, Elliot and I made a stop from running errands, to visit the lake in our old town.  Oh, my goodness, what a rush!  Flocks and flocks of hungry white ibis--long pink curved beaks and galloping pink legs--ran to greet us! 
The 7th dimensional  energy was amazing in the midst of a sea of white flapping feathers, more than 50 ibis, if I had to guess.  I sent up a prayer to let the loaf last long enough to feed all that gathered. 

The birds were polite and patient...waiting for the bread to be tossed on the ground, before ganging up to nab a morsel. Yikes, I was breaking bread as fast as I could.   I asked the birds to go slow and share--let each one have a turn. 
Tossing the bread reminded me of "casting your bread upon the waters"... and how what you send out shall shall return to you, so choose wisely. A karma lesson on giving and receiving.  In other words, do your best by sharing what you have to give, and let God take care of the details, who gets what, when, and where.

Ibis, as the first pictorial letter of the ancient Egyptian alphabet, was associated with the origin of language.  Its white plumage symbolized the light of the Sun.  The ibis were sacred for their ability to eat snakes, even poisonous ones.  Snake represented transformation (life/death/rebirth), and ibis was a symbol for having dominion over the process. 

When an ibis flies into your life, get ready to welcome an upcoming change to a higher state of consciousness. New mysteries are about to open up in our life.  What's below the surface will readily be seen.   
If you're reading this uplifting message it is meant for you. God's angels are anxious to help humankind  make that upward shift in Higher consciousness; a celestial speed-up is happening to awaken us to our true spiritual divinity.  Humanity is hungry for what you know.   Cast your bread upon the waters...

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

(Ref: Animal-Wise, Ted Andrews)