Sunday, November 22, 2015

An Ibis Feast: An Angel Message

                             A flock of ibis feeding in the grass 11-22-15

While eating our oatmeal on the porch, Elliot spotted a lone white bird on the cable wire across the street.  I got up to see if it was an ibis--a cloudy day--I couldn't tell from a distance, but as if my feathered friend understood, she fluttered down and landed in our yard.  Last night's heavy rains must have flushed out the burrowed insects.  Soon another ibis joined in the constant pecking.  It wasn't long before word got out, a flock of white wings were murmuring as they busily feasted on a breakfast buffet.  We see lots of ibis at the park, but this was a first landing on our street.

Ibis is the initial letter of the Egyptian alphabet, and, as such is associated with the origin of language, civilizing humankind. The white plumage of the ibis symbolized the light of the Sun.  They were also considered sacred for their ability to eat snakes, even poisonous ones.  Snake represented transformation (life/death/rebirth) and so the ibis was a symbol of having dominion over the process. 

If this sacred bird has flown into your life today, welcome an upcoming change to a higher state of consciousness. What's below the surface will readily be seen.   If you're reading this now, the ibis message is for you. The  angels are helping us to make that upward shift, a celestial speed-up to awaken to our true divinity.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen