Sunday, November 26, 2023

The Toano Angel

A vast system of angels make up a communication network traveled by both positive and negative influences. According to the Zohar, this network is an interface between the physical world and the Upper Worlds. Everything in the physical world is governed by angels, including every blade of grass, every creature in the sea, and mankind as well.

Because our five senses are so limited, the presence of angels is invisible, but their power doesn't go unnoticed. Positive actions bring positive angels. Likewise, negative actions (all blockages, turmoil, and distress) attract negative angels. The good news is we have a choice. Our behavior determines which angels are aroused in our world. Whenever we react, we open the door to negative angels. If we can stay positive and pro-active, we draw positive angels to us. It's as simple as like attracts like.

In looking back, car trouble on the highway can bring out the worse in me. Especially when the passenger in the backseat is my elderly Mom on a sweltering summer day.  The first day of her vacation to come and spend a week with Elliot and me at the beach. The trip began with the ambiance of what was to be a perfect day unfolding as we got an early start to beat the heat and heavy traffic on I-64. 

Speeding along, with almost half of a three-hour trip on the highway behind us, Mom was in the backseat, enjoying the ride, humming Rock of Ages along with the tape deck. 

Suddenly the car began making a strange noise. The gold Buick was losing power, slowing down. My heart dropped down to my stomach.  Mom getting stuck in the heat brought up some fear, but timing was good.  An exit was coming up right then! Toano, a place we'd never stopped.  Our trusty "Goldie" coasted down the ramp as we all cheered the car onward, calling on the angels. Something was up, Elliot laughed, as the old Buick rolled downhill right into a Golden Arches parking lot.  

Relieved not to be stranded on the sweltering highway, we thankfully enjoyed an early lunch inside an air-conditioned McDonald's while waiting for road service to show up. 

 An hour later, the Rocky Road Tow Truck arrived with bad news.  We laughed at the name...Rocky Road...  Turned out, Goldie needed a tow from Toano to a garage in Williamsburg.  Since there was only room for me and Mom to ride up front in the service truck, Elliot sat behind the wheel of our car on the flat bed truck. A small crowd of curious folks gathered in the parking lot, and we decided to have fun. I snapped a picture of Elliot with the car window rolled down, waving to a smiling crowd, but the camera didn’t work either.

“I can hardly wait to see the good that’s going to come from this,” I said, climbing up to ride in the Rocky Road cab.  Somehow Mom managed to get up the high step, too. Zooming along the back roads to the repair shop, my attention was drawn to an angel ornament swirling on the truck driver's  rear-view mirror.

“See, Mom, the angels are with us.” 

She laughed, holding down her wild windswept hair as we rode along the country road, playfully singing "Country road, Take me home to the place I belong.” 

At the repair shop, we got bad news. Goldie needed a new transmission. We all accepted what is, making the best of it. My brother in Richmond came to the rescue. We spent the night with his family and enjoyed an impromptu dinner at a wonderful restaurant. 

Years later, while randomly searching the web for angel pics, I came across a Toano Angel! What were the odds! I laughed, thinking of the angelic help we received that hot summer day in our hour of need. The synchronicity was a reminder to stay positive and have a smoother, happier ride through life with the angels. Yes, there will be bumps, but the angels are powerful shock absorbers.

Happy trials and trails.  You may want to take some time to reflect on how the angels have come through for you in the past. How wonderful that God has sent his angels to be with us. We are never truly alone. 

Love and peace,

Rae Karen


(Toano angel: web)

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