Saturday, November 11, 2023

A Buzz in the Bag: An Angel Message

While watering the flowers, I noticed the bushy pentas in the large terracotta pot needed pruning to bring in new life. I got a plastic grocery bag and hung it on my wrist to collect the dead blooms, and there were many.  

Focusing on the task at hand, a strange buzzing noise caught my attention. It was coming from the bag on my wrist.  I recognized it was the call of an angry bee bumbling in search of a way back out in the sunshine.  I ran and turned the bag upside down on the lawn. Purple and white faded blooms lay strewn on the quiet ground. The bee had flown free.    

The unusual encounter made me wonder, what was angel message?

 Maybe a sign not to get caught up in revisiting the past, dwelling on yesterday's faded blossoms. The best is yet to be.   Bee represents enjoying the nectar of life.  Bee also symbolizes doing the impossible since they can fly with a big body and a little pair of wings.  The speed of those tiny wings enables the bee to achieve the impossible.

As far as the symbolism of the flowers, pente means a series of five, and Pentas are often called star flowers. They represent luck and bounty. 

Love and peace,

Rae Karen