Monday, October 30, 2023

Way Up, Way Up High: Angel Message

It's the simple things in nature that bring joy, especially when she communicates in a bold language that breaks through the illusion like a breath of fresh air.  A healing sign that you are never alone, something greater than you presently are aware of is doing a mighty work in your life.  Unseen, but not unnoticed, the message always leaves one feeling more peaceful, and gratefully grounded in the precious gift of now.

On Saturday afternoon, I happened to look up as I stood in the driveway.  Something new and different caught my eye.  A vision of giant yellow tufted flowers cheerfully waving in the sunshine, above the tree tops.  Surprised, I laughed, wondering about the unusual bouquet of giant golden spikes of light.  The happy sight lifted my spirits, and peaked my curiosity.   I went to check out the source.

Back in the woods, behind the house, I found an old pine tree embracing a change in season crowned in a vision of golden glory.  Pine trees never lose all their green needles. And, Evergreen is a wonderful symbol of immortality, the soul, eternity.  The evergreen of the soul, some call it. 

I was thankful for this angel messenger, not only for the reminder to keep looking up, but to keep shining and giving your all, no matter what the physical circumstances.  With the help of the angels, we can do this. 

Then, early this morning, another messenger delivered an up-beat message from on-high.  A juvenile red-tailed hawk swooped down and perched on the power pole, facing east. The direction of new beginnings.  Like the bald eagle on The Great Cross at St. Augustine, the hawk seemed to echo the message, Keep our thoughts on-high.  

The photo, taken from the sun-room window, turned out like a silhouette, but an angel thought directed my attention to the metal wires at the coil of the power pole. Gleaming in the sunshine, the silvery wires were bent in the shape of the Christ-fish. 


"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven."  (Eccl. 3:1)   This too shall pass.  The best is yet to be. Be of good courage, pray,  and put your trust in God.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen