Sunday, January 3, 2016

Guarding Thoughts: A New Year's Angel Resolution

"For He will give His angels charge over thee, to guard thee in all thy ways."
                                                                       -- Psalm 91

With a fresh influx of 2016's energies, this lifeguard chair (Number 365) makes a good symbol for watching our thoughts each day during the New Year. Stand guard and get ready to blow the whistle! Currents of guilt, judgement, resentment, anger, or jealousy have a strong undertow. Love, peace, harmony, patience, and forgiveness will aid in avoiding emotional negative riptides.  Ask the angels for help to turn back and swim toward the direction of your dreams.  The angels are here to protect and guide us to become our best, and also to have fun in the process.

That old saying, Thoughts are things, is true.  What we focus on we will attract, so why not stand guard and let positive thoughts rule the day.  This bright red life guard chair is on wheels and can go wherever needed, just like our angels. 

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen