Friday, April 1, 2016

In the Flow: An Angel Message

Sometimes being in the flow we are fooled by appearances.  Yesterday's shopping trip for a new patio umbrella was fruitless.  On our way home, an angel message whispered, Go to the lake.  So we did. I had my camera, but not much was happening as I panned the sunlit ripples. 

This lone duck in a red mask was the only sign of animal life.  Cooling off in the shade by a picnic table, Elliot and I went to join him. Our timing was perfect as we caught sight of a new family swimming out from the nearby lily pads. 

Out of the quietude, these adorable little ducklings came bobbing along in the flow with Mama, heading "downstream".   Their joyful little spirits stirred the lake waters and my heart with the excitement of new life.   I watched the  happy procession carried by the current until they were out of sight.   

Duck brings a message: "Seek out emotional comfort and protection.  Stay in a comfortable environment.  Difficulties will be easily handled."    (Ted Andrews, Animal-Speak Pocket Guide)


Enjoy your day with the angels and listen for their loving guidance.  Spring is a joyous time of renewal.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen