Thursday, December 14, 2023

A Christmas Ball: An Angel Message

Something magical happens when you first plug in the Christmas tree.  A symbol of everlasting life, the evergreen branches and shiny lights warm the room with an unspoken peace.  A promise of miracles.  A Christmas tree angel enfolds each tree. 
Something wonderful is unfolding, both within, and without as we share love, peace, and joy. 
Over the years, our cat has taught me a lesson on patience and letting go when it comes to the tree. Instead of spending the holidays, guarding the tree, saying No! No! No!, our fragile ornaments were replaced with plastic ones.  
This year, I surprised myself when the tree was set up.  Immediately Hei-Hei lit up and pulled a shiny red ball off the lighted tree.  Rather than complain, I grabbed the camera, and enjoyed his playful Christmas spirit. What was even more surprising, that romp satisfied his curiosity. Now he's content to rest under the evergreen branches on a soft red flannel tree skirt.       

It's true, during the darkest season of the year,  the heavenly host draws closer to the earth plane in celebration of the Light of the World, the Christ. You can feel the angelic loving presence in the "atmosphere". To make the holiday festivities even more special, the angels hope for an invitation to join us as we go about celebrating the holidays with friends and family.
Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen