Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Christmas at Blue Springs


On Christmas day, a wonderful gift from nature popped up.  A tremendous herd of manatees bathed in the warm springs at Blue Springs State Park. A respite from the frigid waters in the St. Johns River.  Five years ago we'd ventured out on Christmas Day to be in nature.  An angel thought nudged to do it again, but early Christmas morning brought heavy rains.  After lunch, another nudge surfaced, the rain had stopped and grey damp clouds hung low, but we gave it a go. 

We were glad we listened.  Although the human crowd was sparse, the manatee count was high, over 200 of these gentle, peaceful creatures were cozying up in clusters to share space in the warm springs.  

The first one I spotted, slowly swam toward us on the observation deck. It came to rest so close to the deck I could see her bubbles. The big gentle gray creature enjoyed a lunch of green leafy vegetation.   

The large number of manatees gathered together on a cold Christmas Day was a call to revisit the symbolism.  Turns out, these peaceful creatures symbolize trust; trust in others to do the right thing.  Since manatees use all of their senses, they can be a reminder for us to do likewise in our daily lives.  Are we relying solely on one input, and not taking in as much information as we should. That message hit home, as we had listened for inner guidance rather than the weather forecast, and drove to the park, in hopes the manatees would be there, and we wouldn't be rained out.

Another thing about these gentle watery mammals is that they see well. A special membrane helps to clean their eyes.  A reminder to step back and clear our vision from time to time.  As this 2023 comes to a close, we may ask ourselves about our vision.  Are we looking at things too closely? Or not closely enough? 

When you spot a manatee ask yourself, do I trust my feelings?  Is it time to seek gentler and warmer environments within your own life?   

Trust your heart.  Examine your trust in others, and follow your own sense of what's right.

The energy of 200 manatees is a wonderful experience.  Their powerful energy field, along with the presence of the angels, filled the Springs and ourselves with an abundance of joy and peace.

Love and peace,


Rae Karen  

(Ref. Animal-Speak, Ted Andrews)