Sunday, December 10, 2023

Filling Up with Christmas Cheer: An Angel Message

 Our small town is steeped in holiday cheer. I've never seen so many big inflatable Santas in boats, or trains, on roofs with sleigh and reindeer, a host of happy snowmen, busy elves-- decorate  lawns and rooftops.  

The water treatment plant has joined in the fun with a welcome Santa at the gate.  It was fun taking a night tour of the Christmas sights.  Joy is in the air as a holiday train blows the whistle traveling through the neighborhood.    

As wonderfully festive as these buoyant inflatable figures are at night, the next morning they all lay flattened like pancakes, strewn all over the lawns.   A daily fill-up is needed to get back into shape and rise up for an encore performance that night.  

This scenario reminded me to take time out to be filled with Spirit during the holidays. Daily maintenance is needed to refill our tank so we too can rise up, with renewed breath.  Meditation, prayer, scripture, good deeds, and loving kindness help me to stay centered. Thanks to the Holy Spirit, we can make the world a brighter place right where we are each moment by sharing Love.   

And, it's wonderful to remember that we are never alone.  God has sent his angels to be with us to guide us in all of our ways.  

Love, peace, and joy as we celebrate the Light of the World.

Rae Karen