Friday, February 19, 2021

The Angel Oak: An Angel Message

I have always loved the trees, so imagine my delight in finding an old tourist postcard of a 1400-year-old tree named Angel Oak, after its original owners.  The amazing tree is deeply rooted on John's Island in South Carolina.  It's trunk measures 25-feet, and the largest limb is 11-feet thick and 89-feet long.   With a limb spread of 160-feet, Angel Oak provides shade to over than 17,000 square feet. 
The British actress, Judy Dench's 2017 documentary popped up on my feed today.  My Passion for Trees
 Enjoy the peaceful journey through nature on her scientific quest to know more about her tree friends on her property in England.  
Once I met an old cedar tree in a church courtyard in St. Augustine.  A plaque with this message from the tree was posted by its trunk.  

Behold me! 
The silent witness.
I have known it all.
Listen to me as I speak through the wind. 
I am a child of God.
Just as you. 
He sends me water from the clouds. 
He sends me light and warmth of the Sun to nourish me. 
 It is my responsibility to provide you with clean air and shade.
 I shelter you and keep you. 
Beneath my boughs, deer have grazed, 
and Native children played. 
Beneath me I have seen the vices of men: greed, ambition, deceit, 
And the virtues of Faith, courage, compassion, heroism.
Even self-sacrifice.
I am a child of God, 
Just as you. 
 Learn from those who have gone before.
 Bend, but hold your truths; stay strong and persevere, as I have.
 Come, don't be shy; place your hand upon me. 
I will share my strength with you. 
God has given us all many gifts. 
Rejoice in them, share them. 
I am a child of God, Just as you. We are all God's children."
May you feel a closer walk with nature today as you pass by the trees along your path, or simply gaze in appreciation for the view from your window. 
Love and peace,
Rae Karen