Tuesday, February 23, 2021

More Red in Sight: An Angel Message

 Often I doubt my own intuition or question my vision when things appear unlikely or oddly out of place.  A lesson taught me better today.  Stopping off at the rural community postal boxes to pick up the mail, something unusual caught my eye.   Off in the distance, it appeared that a white hen was loose in the cow pasture.  Never having seen any barnyard fowl in the area, I dismissed it as a couple of white ibis feeding close together.

On the way home, upon closer inspection, I could see that I'd been right all along.  It was a hen! I laughed, pleased with my first observation.   Calling out in hopes of a photo, to my surprise, it boldly strutted up to the fence. Tossing back its fine red combed head, the wattle beneath its chin flapped with enthusiasm as I heard the distinct but familiar greeting: COCKA DOODLE DOODLE DOO! 

WOW!  I love it.  There's always a need to stay open minded. Wonderful messages from nature appear in all forms.  Roosters are symbols of the sun, resurrection, protection, and fertility.  When a rooster enters your life, it signals that the time to rise and shine has come.  A time to rejoice the dawning of a new day as we move from darkness into light. 


A resurrection message we can all take to heart and learn from. A time to rise and shine.   I'm so thankful for the guardian angels who are here helping us walk in the light, day by day.  The best is yet to  be.

Love and peace,


Rae Karen