Saturday, February 27, 2021

The Gift of Light: An Angel Message

Last night, a sudden angel message invited me to step outside to star gaze. Something I haven't done in years.  I was glad I listened.  The Big Dipper hung motionless in a clear dark sky and a spray of dancing stars glittered across an expansive ebony canvas.  

Turning around, to look for the full moon, there she was.  Shining above the roof, a complete circle of radiant light. I stepped back to admire the wonder of it all.  To my delight, the view had shifted through the lens, embracing leafy treetop branches.  What joy to see heaven and earth in sacred union had created something new, a glowing "garden ball." 

The camera bounced as I looked higher, trying to steadily explore the effulgence of the moon.  It seemed to shine bright in gratitude for the gift of light from the sun.   

The angels invite us to become aware in each moment that more is going on than meets the eye.  Expect gifts from the Father of lights, and rejoice.  All is well.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen