Wednesday, June 6, 2018

A Hawk Visitor at Lunch: An Angel Message

Earlier this week while eating lunch at home, I happened to catch sight of a large red-tailed hawk.  Hawks are one of the ways angels communicate with me. Maybe because my last name is often pronounced hawk, I have come to regard them as a powerful messenger.

This magnificent bird landed in our next door neighbor's yard. He perched on the linked fence, facing the street, observing his surroundings with a keen eye.  I grabbed my binoculars to admire his beautiful markings.  With his back to me, I watched from the dining room window.  What was the message?  Often I see hawks in flight, but rarely does one make such a deliberate appearance.   Watching the hawk on the fence, I suddenly got the personal message: Hawks for Lunch.  

Satisfied that his mission was complete, he spread his wings, off to deliver another message.

In the mid 90's, with 20 years of government service, little did I know that a hawk at lunchtime would change the course of my life.  But it did... I let go of  everything familiar to begin a brand new chapter.  Guided to work on an angel production for television, it took Hawks for lunch, the amazing synchronicity to stretch beyond my intellect and follow a nudge into uncharted waters.  Something I never regretted.

Hawk awakens our higher vision so we can spread our wings and inspire others to do the same with their creative life's purpose.

There's a stirring in the ethers, a call to come up higher. With half of 2018 completed, it will be interesting to watch as events unfold.  Like hawk, we can circle above, and see things from a higher perspective before taking action. Or we can stay on the fence...  Either way, get ready an opportunity is heading your way.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

(photo: Wikimedia Commons)