Sunday, June 3, 2018

Hiding and Seeking Rocks: An Angel Message

Over the past month, a few treasure stones have crossed my path.  The first time it happened, I found this hand-painted oval rock.  It turned up near the curb at a pizza place in Lake Helen.  A cloudy day, it brought sunshine as I examined the colorful touches of creativity.  I wondered if it had fallen out of a child's pocket.  At home, I decided to tuck the egg shaped stone in the garden by the Iris Fairy in a patch of yet to bloom yellow iris transplants. 

I'd like to think that perhaps the cheerful rock encouraged the iris flowers to bloom, as they soon did.

Turns out that iris is a wonderful flower that does brings encouragement and restores a sense of peace.  A new birth is at hand, so the egg shaped stone was more symbolic than I realized.

This week, while taking a break, my eyes wandered to the mulched area at the edge of the patio.  I caught sight of something new.  What joy to find a Love... fairy rock!  My artistic neighbor had painted and placed the special stone in our garden hoping it would be a mystery.

I turned it over and read the message:  

If you've found this rock,
it's meant for you.
May it give a smile or two.
ForEver Angels

She's an elementary school teacher and her class has been painting rocks and hiding them for seekers.  To my surprise, the Orlando Sentinel newspaper today featured an article on the loving trend to bring a little happiness to those who happen to find a stone along the way.  Rock clubs are springing up... doing little things with great love.

This one's meant for you, too.

Enjoy your day with the Angels. 

Rae Karen