Thursday, August 23, 2018

An Angel at the Door: Be An Angel Day 2018

Be An Angel Day on August 22, turned out to be full of angelic surprises, with opportunities for sharing and extending love to neighbors.  The actions were spontaneous and fun, not to mention healing.  In the late afternoon, while on our way to a meeting in town, plans suddenly changed when I felt a need to return home to use the bathroom.  Elliot pulled the car in the driveway and stopped near the back door so I could make a mad dash inside. 

Afterwards, we decided to skip the meeting and spend a quiet evening at  home.

While having dinner, I happened to look up.  I was startled to see an angel silhouette glowing in a sparkling patch of sunlight over the living room door!   Joyful, like a kid at Christmas, I got up from the dinner table to take a photo.  Nothing like this had ever appeared at our living door.  The timing was pretty amazing, and gave me peace that all things work together for good.  

We welcomed the Be An Angel Day messenger at the doorway!  Puzzled by the unusual emanation,  I wondered how it happened.  The angels in the window by the door had the wrong profile.  Elliot told me to touch the  Amazing Grace angel in the window across the room. The silhouette disappeared. 

 Elliot figured out the  sun's bright reflection off our white car in the drive had lit up that particular high window and the silhouette of our sweet little Amazing Grace angel was posed at just the right angle.  She appeared as an angel at the front door.   

Amazing Grace Angel
That whole experience was such an unexpected, uplifting gift.  Angels are real, and the more we honor their presence as a gift from the Creator, the more love, joy, and peace will be made evident, no matter what our circumstances may be.  Angels deliver, with the grace of God. We are never left alone and comfortless.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen