Wednesday, August 8, 2018

More Ladybugs: An Angel Message

Ladybugs are at play again.  Yesterday's mail brought an offer for a ladybug rosary!  The picture of the red ladybugs, each one had seven spots, caught me by surprise.  I grinned in amazement.

I  knew Ladybugs are associated with the Blessed Mother, but I had no idea there is a ladybug rosary.  And, as I've shared before, ladybugs often appear as a sign of love from my Mom, Mary, now on the other side.  The sight of the colorful photo of the rosary brought such joy -- an abundance of ladybugs.  The little red beetle with its bounty of black spots, is a sign of good luck. In French her name means "good God's animal;"  in Spanish it means "little Mary;" in German, "Mary's beetle," and also Lord God's beetle;" and, in English, she is also known as "ladybird."

But more was to come.  Before 7 a.m. for the last two days, I've been on my knees, pulling up bags of thin long vines and straggly weeds in the garden.  This house has been home for the past 8 years, and our backyard is like a park, one that is in need of some tender loving care.  It felt good to get down and work with nature, combing out her tangles and thinning out overcrowded areas.  Gardening keeps me centered in the now, the beauty of the quiet sunlight, the song of the birds, and the cicada symphony ringing in the treetops.  Clipping along, I discovered not one, but three bright ladybugs on different bushes.   I smiled, and greeted each one, thankful for her precious blessing.

Enjoy your day, and be expectant of the loving angel messages that wing their way to you.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

(photo:  web)