Wednesday, September 12, 2018

A Faithful Messenger at the Backdoor: An Angel Message

Morning Bloom on 9/10/18
Sometimes you can search high and low for something, not find it, and give up, only to discover that one day it has mysteriously appeared on your doorstep.  That's what happened with buttercups. One year, I'd planted some in the front yard and they excelled, becoming large and bushy.  The next year, I wanted to grow more, but the garden centers didn't carry them.  I let it go.

Then this spring, a magnificent wild buttercup plant, seeded by the wind, showed up in a crack in the stucco wall at our backdoor stoop!   Over the summer, our determined buttercup has doubled in height. Not that it blooms everyday, but after a good rain usually one hearty blossom greets me with a good morning smile at the door.  It's hard to begin your day with anything less than optimistic when you catch a glimpse of such buttery exuberance. Yellow is the color of faith. 

And I love its hopeful message.  No matter how difficult our environment may be, we, too, can bloom exactly where we're planted.  Everything we need is within.  Just keep stretching and growing toward the light.  Do your best day by day.  One bloom at a time.
September 9, Height of Wild Buttercup
July Height of Wild Buttercup

Enjoy your day with the  Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen