Thursday, September 6, 2018

Getting Closer to Nature: An Angel Message

Tuesday evening, Elliot and I took a drive to the local lake to enjoy the cool air in nature.  With our foldout chairs parked between two cypress trees, we sat at the water's edge, ready for the show. The fountain was flowing, making concentric circles in the lake. A turtle popped up out of the water, paddling by in the rippled pond.  Before long, he joined up with another turtle for a swim.

Ducklings at Earl Brown Lake 9/4/18
To our delight, a mama duck showed up on the grass.  Her cute little ducklings waddled along behind her in single file. A little yellow fuzzy baby had lagged behind.  Now, his frantic chirp was like a shrill whistle as he ran to catch up. Soon, the adorable family had set sail, in tandem, paddling to the far side of the lake.  It was amusing to watch.  Mama led her crew by a chain link fence out in the water.  The little ducklings had no problem with this man-made barrier.  They simply swam through the wide chain links.  And, big mama swam around it to join them.

In the midst of all the fun-filled activity, a loud flapping of wings startled me.  A rather large bird had landed in the cypress tree above us.  I thought it was an odd duck out of water.  Curious, I got up to take a look.

 A cormorant had perched on one of the branches, wings spread open,  drying off  after a swim in the lake.  Knowing cormorants are experts at deep diving, I found his behavior strange.  It's not unusual to find these waterfowl drying out on the shore or a fence or a barricade.

Although, one up a tree was a new move.  I quietly tried to take a pic, but he was shrouded in the leafy branches. And, I wasn't guided to come around the tree to get a closeup of him preening.

The cormorant's deliberate actions seemed like an angel message. At home, I learned: "Dive deeper for answers and solutions.  Trust in your methods.  You will accomplish things now in unique ways what others cannot." (Animal Speak Pocket Guide)

Hmmm...Not sure how this applies, but I do know time spent in nature soothes the nerves and clears any congestion in our energy fields.  Nature is a tranquil healer. It's good to break away from media and just be still.

Oh, and I just learned that duck represents emotions soothed.  "Stay in a comfortable environment.  Difficulties will be handled easily."  How perfect...

That's how the duck family illustrated that joyful lesson.

Enjoy your day with the angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen