Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Angels Give a Helping Hand: An Angel Message

During last night's meditation, our silence was interrupted by a loud crash in the kitchen.  Hei-Hei was up to something.  He was up on top of the kitchen cabinets. Everything on high seemed to be untouched...the teapots, cookie jar, and antique bottles.    Then I saw my favorite little angel statue had fallen off the windowsill and was laying on the kitchen counter.

To my dismay, her tiny outstretched hand had broken off, and was laying in the sink.  At least it was a clean break, but I wondered what the message may be.  An angel losing her right hand didn't seem like a positive sign. 
 And this was a special angel to celebrate the 1,000th Angel for You blog. Nine years of blogging about the power and presence of the angels.  I turned her over to read the label.  The sweet angel holding the little blue bird, went well with the statue's title: "Sing The Prayer in Your Heart."  

As I sadly picked up the tiny angel hand in the sink, my son spotted a little treefrog, clinging to the kitchen windowpane, near where the angel had stood. I smiled.  So playful Hei-Hei must have knocked the angel from the sill while trying to reach the frog.

Elliot was going to glue the angel's hand back on, but it was getting late so I suggested waiting until tomorrow.  

This morning while on the porch, an angel thought wafted in about the message. The angel was symbolic of giving me "a hand".  This blue bird angel had been posted on the windowsill by an old photo of my son and me taken many years ago.  The angel is going to help us.  I smiled as the treefrog's appearance was another reminder to Fully Rely On God.  

I'm so grateful for these powerfully uplifting visual messages.  A wonderful reminder that our angels are always ready to give us a helping hand. All we have to do is remember to ask and be grateful for their loving service.  

Enjoy your day with the angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen