Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Passing Our Tests with Patience and Peace: An Angel Message

Many years ago, I learned an important lesson about keeping a good attitude when challenges present themselves.  It's not the challenge itself, but our reaction to it that counts. 

One morning, long before dawn, an annoying little mosquito buzzed by my ear, waking me up.  Not wanting to disturb my peaceful state of mind, I tried to think of the sound as a merry tune of love.  If God is All in all, then even a tiny mosquito must share in this loving substance of Life. 

With that loving thought, I nodded off again, enjoying a little more sleep...until my troublesome troubadour did another "fly by." 

This time, my patience was thin, and I aggressively swatted the air and hid under the comforter to avoid the early morning pestilence. 

As I laid there, with my head under the covers, I got to thinking about the power of that tiny insect. Compared to my size, that little bug was way out of his league.  Yet, I let this little "thing" disturb my peace.  That pest was a lot like my ego, circling my head with menacing thoughts, trying to challenge my identity as a Child of God, a spiritual being, made perfect in His image and likeness.

I got out of bed with more conviction to watch my thoughts.   To stand guard at the door of my mind and arrest any disturbing ideas that may try to enter.  I wanted to see peace, first.

It wasn't long before I was put to the test. 

With renewed conviction, I began the morning meditation.  Before long, my neighbor's stereo rattled our windows playing  "Riders in the Storm."  I found the timing and lyrics amusing.  Halfway smiling, I decided to go with the blaring decibels and not lose my peace in the Storm. To go within and be present with God.  External conditions had no power over my inner peace unless I let them.

Peacefully, I finished the meditation.

All went well until later that morning another test appeared.

While working in my little den, Angel, our tuxedo cat jumped up on my laptop. Her furry body blocked my view as I tried to blog.  She refused to move so I patiently put her down on the floor. 

In a defiant leap she flew to the file cabinet and jumped up knocking my Kindle reader to the floor.  It hit so hard, I was afraid it was broken. That's when I lost it.   Angel took flight in a streak of black-and-white fur, along with my peace.

I picked up the Kindle, afraid to open the book cover.

When I lifted the purple lid, the screen instantly lit up with an amazing ad. 
Goosebumps rippled as I stared at the featured book ad: ANGEL WINGS!

I could almost feel the laughter of angels at my look of surprise.  I mean, what were the chances?

 I couldn't believe the timing!

 I looked twice, bursting with laughter.  Angel Wings! 

Not only was the Kindle reader in great condition, but it had been a tool for Angel cat to deliver a timely message in a playful way. The synchronicity taught me to see more clearly how all seeming adversity has a touch of divine order whether I may like it or not. In other words, all things work together for good...eventually...so lighten up! 

Later that morning, my logical mind wanted to check the Kindle again to see if the angel ad was still there. Angel Wings no longer lit up the main screen, but the angels had made a lasting impression on the divine timing and order of all events.  Everything is in divine order.

The book title,Angel Wings was the message for me.  Not the book, just the title.

I love the creative medium of angel communications.  An unexpected word  from a friend, a synchronous license plate, a jingle on the car radio, or even a testy moment with a feisty feline named Angel that illustrates how patience and peace are the keys to getting my angel wings.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen