Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Visiting Cardinal Brings Love and Comfort: An Angel Message

Yesterday's trip to the grocery store turned out to have a hidden healing gift.  Before heading to the check-out, I grabbed a September Pocket CROSSWORD Puzzle book.  Later, at home, stretched out on the sofa, ready to work the first one, what a surprise to see this comforting ad on the inside cover.  "Forever in My Heart".  It was one of those special moments when an angel (my sweet mother) seemed to tap me on the shoulder. 

Elephants have always been a favorite of mine.  I met Nancy at the D.C. Zoo, and then when we lived in Virginia, the four elephants at the Norfolk Zoo were on our list to visit on Sunday afternoons. Elephants are known for their excellent memory. 

But like the ad says, "Even the never forgetful elephant needs a gentle reminder sometimes. And that's what this colorful cardinal has come to do.  Perched high on the elephant's trunk for a bird's-eye view, it sings praise for a much missed loved one."

Last spring, with many red cardinals visiting the feeder, I learned something new. Not only do they represent a need  to add more color to your life, and that everything you do is important.   But that if a red cardinal appears, an angel is near, a departed loved one. 

So the full page ad: "Your spirit lives forever in my heart," featuring this rare couple lifted my heart with these words:  "The cheerful cardinal shares a "hello" from Heaven and lets you know your loved one is safe and  happy."
Even though
we are apart
Your spirit lives
forever in my

Try to remember today, that you are never alone.  God has sent his angels to watch over you.  You'll be surprised when messages wing their way into your life. Love is eternal.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen