Monday, September 21, 2020

A Call for Love: An Angel Message


Last weekend, Elliot and I took a drive to the orchid farm.  We were long overdue in visiting our  Jerusalem donkey friend, Allahambra who lives there, with a couple of large emus, and a free roaming pet pig.    

When he spotted us walking across the field, he eagerly ran to meet us at the fence, letting out an  ear-splitting bray— ears pent back--nostrils flared,  in such a woeful HEE-HAW that my eyes misted.   Rarely am I  greeted with such an overpowering display of heartfelt affection.   Patting his smooth snout, we gave him lots of love, but, in a matter of minutes, the clouds opened up, and it began to rain.  We opened our umbrella, hoping to prolong the visit, but that wise donkey turned back to the woods for shelter, as we stood there watching him, laughing that he had more sense than we did to get out of the rain. 

 To make up for the short visit, we went back again on Saturday.   Calling out to him, the donkey looked up from the far side of his area and slowly trotted forward.  No big fanfare this time, but that was okay.  He was happy to have company, and enjoyed being fed the tall grassy weeds from our side of the fence.   

 A mother and her two young daughters by the fishpond had been watching our friendly exchange with Allahambra.   They came over with a surprised look.   The mom said, the last time we were here, he yelled at us! 

Right on cue, Allahambra began braying loud at them, giving them the royal welcome.  Smiling, I told her that meant he’s so happy you came to see him.  His heart is wide open to receive love.

The mom smiled, seeing the friendly brown donkey through a different lens.  Love.  She reached out and petted his brown trim coat, no longer afraid.  Her daughters joined in, picking the tall grass, and handing him a treat over the fence.  Their sweet innocent voices called out, “Here donkey, this is for you.” 

 Allahambra basked in all the loving attention.  A miracle had happened.  A shift in perception--from fear to love.  His seeming loud obnoxious call was not in anger, but a call for love. If only I could remember that everything is either love or a call for love... what a peaceful happy day it can be.

 Besides, who couldn’t love a face like this!

 Love and peace,

Rae Karen


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