Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Slow and Steady: An Angel Message

 The surprising sight of this peaceful little dove resting on the tortoise's back delivered an angelic message with a smile.   To choose peace, and take it slow and steady...one day at a time...will win the race.  

Don't try to run around and make things happen. Trust in divine timing, and let the answers unfold naturally. 

More tortoise energy was in the forecast.  After the heavy weekend rains, our neighbor, Timothy the Tortoise, came out of his hole underneath the shelter of the shade tree. I wondered how he was doing during the thunderstorm, hoping he wouldn't get flooded out.  What a happy sight to see that thick crusted shell moving across the pasture toward home.  Munching down on the greens, he didn't seem to mind a friendly photo op.  It's hard to believe he's over a foot in diameter, and must be about 20-years old.

And, then early last evening a gray rabbit appeared in search of a good meal in the raised mulch bed out front.  The tortoise and the hare... hmmm...

The grass is getting tall from the much needed rain.  What joy to watch the rabbit hop across the front lawn.   A little late for Easter, but a most welcome sign of new life.  And a reminder once again to take it slow and steady.   

Angels messages come in many different guises.   It's fun to be on the look-out and expect happy things of God to come your way.  It's amazing how accurately they can reflect our inner landscape. 

What angelic nature messages are speaking to you today? May you remember that God is Love, and so are you. You are always in the company of your Guardian angel. Do not fear.  The best is yet to be.

Joyful blessings,

Rae Karen