Friday, April 2, 2021

May You Pass Every Test! An Angel Message

Tom Turkey stopped by early one morning this week, not exactly displaying his best side.  But before long, he passed his test because he chose to turn around and present his true colors. 

 I’d forgotten the natural beauty of that turkey's bright blue face and red neck.  It was as though he'd  been hand-painted for an upcoming ceremonial rite of passage.  Thanksgiving is the message he gratefully brings.  So much to be grateful for.  How blessed we are to know the angels are with us as well as Holy Spirit and the indwelling Christ.  So the appearance of turkey reminds one to share all of yourself, to freely give your gifts, your time, your love, your energy, as they are freely and abundantly given to you as a gift from the Creator.  


What holds us back from loving at times? 

Perhaps you've noticed on a number of occasions that by your words and actions, you may have caused some great burden and grief.  Through negativity, criticism, judgment, or clamoring about getting your own way dark clouds have rolled in.  Yet on other occasions, by acting your very best, everyone gathered has gone away feeling satisfied, and happy.  In both cases, the ego puffs itself up, a petty tyrant, wielding its power to either build up or tear down.   It has an agenda, to keep you off balance, always seeking but never finding the eternal peace within.  Recently I read, "The ego plays on the keyboard of human emotions and we need to be like the silent key."  In other words, don't keep reacting.  

 The other day, while looking for a book, I came across a teaching that helped me pass a test that would be coming unexpectedly that afternoon. The simple instruction made me laugh a little. 

 "May You Pass Every Test!"  It hit to the heart of the matter.   It could be used as a parting greeting to those you encounter.  "May You Pass Every Test!

 I liked that!  Goodness knows tests are flying around at rapid speed these days.  Who isn't getting tested? If you're here in a body, the tests are part of the schooling.

And, you've probably noticed how the test comes to you.   Tailor-made just for you at just the right time and just the right mood to strike your Achilles' heel.  Perhaps it feeds into a negative belief you hold about yourself.  Or a cherished ideal you can't release.   Something you insist upon being absolutely right about.  Something you are perfectly justified in doing.  Self-love, self-will, and self-justification are signs that the ego is warring with the Spirit.  With universal divine love they can be dissolved.    

When we open the door and greet the test, we can choose to recognize the insult/judgment/criticism as a blessing disguised.  Silently count to ten.  Whatever it is has come for you to grow spiritually.  It is a set-up. 

Silently affirm:  "May I Pass Every Test!"  What has been personally delivered is a gift,--not a burden.  A chance to rise up above the battlefield of the mind.  Instead of getting a rise out of you, you may choose to experience a sense of mastery and dominion over your lower-self if you willing yield to your Higher consciousness.  

Whatever comes has no power over you, except what you give it. 

So why not choose to see peace instead of this.  Ask the Holy Spirit for help in that moment.

When you do, it's amazing how we find peace in chaos. After a while, you'll be able to spot these tests right away and not buy the lie.  You realize not only have you passed every test but you have passed the course! 

Today we remember Good Friday, and the beloved Christ Jesus, the Master who overcame all of his Earthly tests to teach us the truth about who we are. We are not material beings, we are spiritual. Love conquers all.

May You Pass Every Test!

Love and peace,


Rae Karen