Thursday, June 1, 2023

God2Go: Angel Message

Thoughts are things.  Maybe my colorful peacock over-blouse influenced a spontaneous drive to see the peacocks last weekend. Forgotten, I'd dug it out of the closet at the last minute. 

Upon arrival at the rehab, an abundance of peacocks were strutting about in full bloom.  No need to seek and find.  The molting season was now a faded memory, and these exquisite birds were happily dressed in new regalia, circling about us teeming with joy.  

And, for a moment, I seemed like a child in wonderland.  I never dreamed I would have the honor of communing with peacocks. 

Angels speak in many ways. And, when this beauty struck a deliberate pose by the GOD2GO plate, we were grateful for the joyful reminder. 

I looked up and an exotic peacock roosted on an old oak. His lustrous tail feathers draped over a sunlit branch, I watched the feathery eyed plumage sway in the breeze. I got the message.  Sometimes we have to climb a tree to see the bigger picture. 

Or, like this little one...patiently rest by the wayside, in the presence of angels. 

In the meantime, be patient and watchful... don't doubt that the best is yet to be.  "God goes with you wherever you go."

Love and peace,

Rae Karen