Sunday, June 4, 2023

Geranium Dream: An Angel Message

Last night's falling rain made for a deep sleep.   In an unlikely dream my good friend in New York and I were chatting at my kitchen table.   Joni, known for her culinary skills, compassionate ear, and positive advice is always ready to offer guidance.  A clay pot on the table held a blooming geranium.  To my surprise, Joni reached over and pinched off a green leaf and began to nibble on it during our conversation.

 "You may not want to eat the geraniums," I gently told her.  The plant looked dry with a few curly brown leaves.

I woke up, wondering about the symbolism of the dream.  When I opened the blinds, the first thing I saw were geraniums!  Did those newly potted pink geraniums hanging in baskets outside the bedroom window prompt the dream?

Curious, I discovered a geranium represents new happiness and vitality.  It signals a time to take advantage of new opportunities.  

And, even more surprising, Geranium means crane's bill.  In southern Africa, a variety is called stork's bill.  The stork is a symbol of bridging the spiritual and physical realms.  New birth.  Creativity. 

The geranium energy stirs the heart chakra into greater healing, and a renewed sense of joy in life. We  could all use a heavy dose of joy these days. 

But, there was more...  

In hindsight, synchronicity (the language of angels) was at play yesterday in preparation for revealing the bigger picture today.  While taking photos of the geraniums on the front walk, the sandhill crane family happened to stroll by.  As you can see, Junior is almost as tall as his parents now.   And I understood two of my favorite things were associated by name, and captured in a photo of that happy moment. I'm grateful to the angels for bringing opportunities for new vitality and a greater sense of joy.

And, yes, you can eat geraniums.  The leaves are edible in spring and summer, when soft and tender, and so are the flowers.  But, I'm happy to let mine be a blooming feast for the eyes. 

Enjoy your day with your guardian angel and watch for messages.   Remember you are never alone, and the best is yet to be.  New happiness and vitality are coming your way.

 Love and peace,

Rae Karen

Ref. Nature-Speak, Ted Andrews