Thursday, July 6, 2023

Do A Little Good Today: An Angel Message


Subliminally, angel messages may appear while doing the mundane, like brushing my teeth.  The other day the bold words on the minty green toothpaste caught my eye.  DO A LITTLE GOOD TODAY.  

But while brushing my teeth, I gave it only a passing thought. There are many little ways to do good, but my mind was racing though the day. And, it wasn't until this photo was uploaded, I could now see smaller encouraging signs on the tube. DOING GOOD EVERYDAY.  SMALL STEPS.  BRIGHT SMILES.  Wonderful reminders to start a new day if we stop long enough to think about it. 

Yesterday, an unexpected opportunity to do a little good appeared.  It happened on the drive home, a narrow road between two small lakes. Up ahead, around the bend ... something flat and brown was motionless in the middle of the road. Mistaking it for a paper bag, we drove by.  But, an angel message whispered, it could be a turtle.   

Elliot blocked the road from any possible oncoming cars, while I got out to help.   Now, I've only helped a turtle once by actually picking it up. In the past, I'd take a leafy branch and try to coax it across the road.   But little steps add up, so I'm learning, and yesterday I was surprised by my own reaction.   

A closer look revealed a round flat turtle, medium-sized turtle.  It hugged the pavement so tight, I hoped it was alive.  

Tentatively but quickly reaching down, I told myself,  you can do this.  Sensing my vibration, his  logger head popped out of a round flat shell. He was alive.  Two big brown eyes, and a strange nose, oddly shaped like a long tube, turned to look up at me, as if to say, what's up with you?

My heart was light as I reassured him, I was making sure he safely got to the other side before a car came.   

The next thing I knew, I had hold of his damp, moist shell, near the rear, to escape any wild snapping. The touch of that slippery shell was different from a dry dusty gopher tortoise.   I let out a nervous laugh as he sprung into action. Legs kicking, lunging forward, making tracks in the air, while I tried not to lose my grip in a mad dash across the road.     

The race was won.  I sat him down in the green grass by the marshy wetland.  The direction he was heading when spotted on the road.  Soon he moved on, satisfied to be back on familiar ground.  And, so did we, happy to do a little good today.  

And, I learned something new about the turtle, as well as myself.   The water turtle's unusual nose serves as an underwater breathing tube. He is equipped to survive in his environment.   No doubt those paddle-like legs were happy to be off the road and back into the swim of life again. 

DO A LITTLE GOOD TODAY.  SMALL STEPS.  BRIGHT SMILES.   The angels love to serve, and serve us well, bringing peace, love, joy, protection, inspiration, and direction.  With the angels by our side, life is rich with fresh visions and experiences beyond measure. We can be their assistants and do a  little good each day.   The best is yet to come. Love always makes a way.

 Love and peace,

Rae Karen