Friday, July 21, 2023

Our Story Begins Here: An Angel Message

The morning began in a whirl.  I suddenly found myself sweeping the back porch, moving furniture, plants, knick-knacs in an enthusiastic burst of energy.  The area was charged with a new lease on life.  After lunch, a quick run to Dollar General for cleaning supplies turned up a one-of-a-kind surprise.  While rolling my cart down an aisle, an angel thought popped in.   

Look for a new door mat for the porch entrance.  

I was glad I listened.  At the bottom of the heap, I found the last one.  A heavy-duty welcome mat with a bold faced angel message. OUR STORY BEGINS HERE. 

OUR STORY BEGINS HERE.  I laughed at a needed heavenly reminder.  I will experience what I carry with me out into the world. "Love is reflected in love." 

I hold the pen in the Book of Life today... A fresh clean page...ready to be filled.   If my story is negative, centered on fear and anger, drama will play a leading role.  If my tale is focused on love,  joy, peace, harmony, and gratitude that's what I'll get.   Grace will appear in amazing creative ways that delight the soul.

Each day is filled with blessings.  And, as I open the door, I will invite my guardian angel to help me live the best story for today.     

Enjoy your day as you step out with your guardian angels.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen