Tuesday, October 3, 2017

A Rainy Day Visitor: An Angel Message

Butterflies are such wonderful symbols of transformation.  We can take a lesson from their metamorphosis.  The myopic caterpillar moves slowly through life unaware of the great potential sleeping within her lowly earthbound form.    She finds herself trodding along a circuitous path that finally leads to the perfect tree.  It is there that she begins to make an upward ascent climbing higher and higher over inches and inches of rough bark.  When she comes to a suitable branch, she sets up camp.  After carefully weaving a protective cocoon around her, she sleeps in a  dream of new life.  Then one glorious morning she awakens and emerges from her cocoon, a new creature-- a beautiful winged creation!  Taking flight, she brings joy and beauty wherever she goes.  Her wonderful message of hope lies in each of us.  We are more than we can understand and know in this earthly body.

Butterflies came into focus last weekend.  On Sunday afternoon Elliot and I were enjoying lunch on the patio when it began to rain.  We managed to get in the house before it poured.  While eating at the dining room table, a beautiful butterfly fluttered by the large picture window.  We thought the rain would chase it away, but it landed on the tree across the driveway.  To our surprise, it hunkered down, wings spread out like an umbrella,  not one bit bothered by the rain.

Elliot said the markings looked like a smile.  I wasn't going to take a photo, but her visit was so deliberate that I did, thanking her for the message.  Satisfied, she rested there quietly as we finished our meal with a smile of gratitude to Life.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen