Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Healing Language of Synchronicity

We live and move in a world of symbols.  What these various objects convey depends upon our consciousness.  A rose, beauty, unfoldment; a bird, flight, higher thought; a sunrise, new beginnings; and so forth.  When going through tough times of change, I have found the angels comfort us in the language of synchronicity.  It happens in a personal way that speaks to our soul.  Blessings come with a glimpse of heaven that not only soften our hearts, but give us needed strength to keep on growing in faith.

The most amazing part is how seemingly unrelated symbols of yesterday will come together with a message that heals in this moment.  Only our eyes must be open or else we may miss the healing gift. 

On Angel's last morning here, our sweet tuxedo cat laid beside me on the bed and we shared a life-long gaze into each other's eyes.  Soul to soul, deep into the recesses of the heart, we breathed as one.  Her beautiful golden eyes were always so full of unconditional love for me, it was as if she could see straight through me, and loved me anyway (with meal privileges, of course.) 

Our furry family members do that for us in a way no human being ever will. Somehow they manage to wiggle their way into all those hard, stony crevices and soften us with their tender innocence and genuine love.  A gentle love so pure that we must take it in slowly lest we burst.  A steady transfusion of healing love.

As we looked at each other, I thanked her for teaching me all that she had over the past nine years.  Her assignment was complete, I told her.  She would graduate and go on to a new beginning.  Job well done.

So many little angel touches came in the wake of her passing.  I found the angel card holder (shown above) tucked away in my nightstand drawer.  The sight of the tuxedo cat with the pink nose was just like our Angel.  That's why I bought it many years ago in Virginia Beach.  Purple irises have been my calling card from God through the years that I am on the right path.  Irises and Angel, two favorites, now reminded me of a divine order taking place.  In honor of Angel, I selected a card from the Angel Messenger deck in the porcelain holder.

 I shouldn't have been surprised by the card.  HEALING.  How perfect, I smiled, realizing the deep healing taking place within me.

Teary eyed, I got busy cleaning out the nightstand drawer, and found another symbol.  A card from a June high school grad (see below) with only a grad cap and the words THANK YOU on it.  A funny thing though, the card was a blank inside.  The teen had enclosed a typewritten letter.  But I knew in that instant, that the angels had confirmed the message that our beloved cat had graduated, too.  Everything was on the up and up in this grand journey called Life.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen