Monday, October 9, 2017

What Will You Choose? An Angel Message

While tending to a bed of thirsty yellow chrysanthemums on Sunday, I'd just finishing clipping off many brown blooms like the good gardener I'm trying to be. I remembered the need to snip the dead heads to support new life.  More new buds would bloom rather than the Mums' energy being divided between breaking down the old and bursting with new colorful buds. 

The timing was a blessing as that's when I spotted a rare sight.  A pair of sand hill cranes strolled by  the yard, patrolling the neighborhood.  These long-legged graceful birds are birds of water and as such are associated with feminine energies, teaching us how to use our own.  They came up in the yard to say hello.  The debris from Irma is still piled up waiting to be hauled away by the city. 

The sand hill cranes' appearance speaks of creativity and long life in many customs.  In hindsight as I looked at the pictures this morning I got it.  On our daily walk in Life, we have a choice between life and death.  Choose life, the Master Jesus said.


Enjoy your day with the Angels.  And watch for the happy miracles of God's Love that come your way.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen