Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Butterfly Visit in the Rain: An Angel Message

Butterfly Smile in the Rain 

Butterflies always bring a smile of joy and hope to my heart.  Big beautiful wings flutter by me and I remember this lovely creature was once an earthbound lowly caterpillar having to crawl to go places. "Look at me," she calls out.   "You, too, are more than you can know in this moment."

Nature speaks with a perfect gift at the perfect time.  Sometimes a butterfly may wing its way into our awareness as if on a mission.  That's what happened when Elliot and I were grieving the recent passing of our sweet 12 year old cat.  Angel had been with us for nine years.  On a Sunday afternoon, less than a week since she'd been gone, we were having lunch on the patio when it suddenly began to rain. Making a dash inside, to finish our lunch, I caught sight of a beautiful butterfly flutter close to the dining room window as we sat down at the table.  Knowing butterflies don't like to get their wings wet, I silently ushered her on.  But she lingered on a lily plant not minding the weather. 

To my surprise, soon this colorful messenger flew across the drive and landed on a nearby tree.  In plain sight, we laughed as she spread her black and yellow wings like an umbrella opening in the rain. Clinging to the leafy green branches, her striking pose seemed to be a deliberate sign.

"Look at the butterfly markings," Elliot said.  "It looks like a smile."

He was right. I smiled looking at the butterfly's big wide smile.   In the moment, our Angel cat came to mind.  Smile to Life.  Love is eternal. 

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen