Saturday, October 28, 2017

Psalm 23 and Public Speaking: An Angel Message

An angel message came winging its way to me early this morning.  The graphic design artwork of Psalm 23 had been silhouetted by the stain glass butterfly in the adjacent window. It brought back a memory of the power of that particular psalm for me.  It was on my 35th birthday that I was scheduled to speak at a regional lawyers conference in Baltimore.  My only public speaking experience at that time was as a den mother for my son's cub scout troop.  So here I was in a hotel in Baltimore, sweating it out during the long night, before my speaking engagement that required me to demonstrate a new automated system for tracking fraud, waste and abuse. 

Rather than worry, at some point, it came to me, to keep reciting the Twenty-Third Psalm...which I did.  In the morning, I was calmer, but decided to skip breakfast and continue to pray.

When it came talk to give my talk that afternoon, I found that as I stepped up to the podium, an inner presence took over and it all went well, so much so that my boss said I was a natural.  I know it was the power of Psalm 23, and not my own doing.  Like the butterfly, I'd been transformed, finding I could do things I never thought possible before (with Christ).

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen